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South-East Primary Schools Team Championships

Qualifying Round - for National Finals

Sat 13 May, 2023 - Spectrum Pool, Guildford

Results now available.
Participation in this event is by selection at County round events.
Doors open 5:00pm, Warm-up 5.15pm, Expected Finish by 9.00pm

Parking - IMPORTENT Information

We have been advised by the center that there is a boxing match on today and the car park is full.
You may get lucky but we anticipate it still being full when you arrive.
Alternative parking is available at the Lido (GU1 1HB) and the Beefeater. I'm advised these are free, but please check for yourselves on arrival!

There is a short walk from the Lido to the Pool, so please ensure the swimmers are accompanied and do not stray onto the road which is adjacent and can be quite busy. There is a light controlled crossing point near the pool venue, so please use that to cross if you are parked on the other side of the road
We recommend lift sharing where possible.

South-East Finalists

The results from the SE county galas have been consolidated and the results are available (See Downloads below).

There are links below to information that is important to the success of the Gala. Please ensure you have downloaded and understood each piece of information.

The Gala Notes download is aimed at Schools, Swimmers, officials and Parents; it covers preparation for, on the day and afterwards.


Consolidated Results of SE County conditions (Qualifiers/Reserves for SE Division Championships): Download
SE and SE County conditions (Revised for 2023): Download
ESSA Technical Rules of Swimming (New for 2023): Download
ESSA Clarification of In-The-Water starts/Takeovers: Download
Swimmer List (SE): Download Not required until day of the Gala
Gala Notes (V2 - 9th May): Download (information about the running of the gala - before, during and afterwards - V2 corrects the running order to match the programme)
Warm-up lane allocation (V1 - 4th May): Download
Programme (V2-DRAFT): Download
Results(V1): Download

Participating Schools

SE SchoolCountySmall MixedSmall FreeMedium MixedMedium FreeBoys MixedBoys FreeGirls MixedGirls Free
Ardingly CollegeSussexY (1.31.52)Y (1.18.72)Y (1.10.82)
Ashford PrepKentY (1.21.42)Y (1.10.06)Y (1.20.60)Y (1.10.08)
Battle Abbey PrepSussexY (1.16.23)Y (1.06.87)
Bede's PrepSussexY (1.28.38)Y (1.18.81)
Bishopgate SchoolSurreyY (1.10.25)Y (1.02.03)
Bishops WalthamHantsY (1.20.95)Y (1.09.02)
Blackthorns CommunitySussexY (1.19.75)Y (1.12.38)
Boxgrove Primary SchoolSurreyY (1.15.60)Y (1.06.00)Y (1.13.10)Y (1.05.16)
Chesham Prep SchoolBucksY (1.19.58)Y (1.11.52)Y (1.24.11)Y (1.11.59)
ChurchersHantsY (1.30.25)Y (1.12.20)
CranmoreSurreyY (1.19.21)Y (1.07.44)
DaneshillHantsY (1.25.59)Y (1.12.96)Y (1.20.95)
DownsendSurreyY (1.20.47)Y (1.09.26)Y (1.10.01)
DragonOxonY (1.25.39)Y (1.13.13)Y (1.19.67)
Felton FleetSurreyY (1.20.75)Y (1.10.47)Y (1.20.28)Y (1.07.71)
GoldsworthSurreyY (1.14.85)Y (1.06.39)
Great WalsteadSussexY (1.24.36)Y (1.15.79)
Guildford HighSurreyY (1.10.96)Y (1.01.90)
HazelwoodSurreyY (1.26.93)Y (1.17.22)Y (1.08.41)
HeadingtonOxonY (1.18.19)Y (1.09.71)
Hurstpierpoint CollegeSussexY (1.07.82)Y (1.09.59)
IghthamKentY (1.31.65)
Lindfield PrimarySussexY (1.18.91)
Manor HouseSurreyY (1.34.36)Y (1.21.73)
MedsteadHantsY (1.26.33)Y (1.16.18)
Merton CourtKentY (1.24.09)Y (1.12.46)Y (1.23.25)
Notre DameSurreyY (1.16.49)Y (1.04.81)
Oakhyrst GrangeSurreyY (1.16.05)Y (1.07.52)
Orchards Junior SchoolSussexY (1.16.14)Y (1.05.94)
Oxford HighOxonY (1.21.87)Y (1.11.00)
RGS PrepSurreyY (1.13.18)Y (1.06.10)
Ripley CourtSurreyY (1.14.69)
Rowan PrepSurreyY (1.21.34)
Royal Kent SchoolSurreyY (1.24.21)Y (1.16.50)
Rydes HillSurreyY (1.13.03)
SarisburyHantsY (1.31.47)Y (1.14.51)
SherfieldHantsY (1.18.96)Y (1.07.51)
St Catherine'sSurreyY (1.14.85)Y (1.06.25)
St George’s WeybridgeSurreyY (1.19.66)Y (1.08.75)
St George's ThanetKentY (1.12.41)
St Hilary’sSurreyY (1.14.92)Y (1.06.78)
St IvesSurreyY (1.30.91)Y (1.16.22)
St John's BeaumontOxonY (1.15.41)Y (1.06.40)
St Mary'sSussexY (1.35.13)Y (1.17.77)
St Neot'sHantsY (1.39.77)Y (1.18.37)
Summer FieldsOxonY (1.34.75)Y (1.17.57)
The HawthornsSurreyY (1.21.10)Y (1.08.49)
TormeadSurreyY (1.18.03)Y (1.06.34)
Walthamstow HallKentY (1.17.76)Y (1.07.35)
Wellesley Haddon DeneKentY (1.26.59)Y (1.16.00)
Wivelsfield PrimarySussexY (1.30.07)Y (1.21.55)

V0-a(PAC): 01-10-2011