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Secondary Team Championships 2018-19

NATIONAL FINAL to be held at The London Aquatic Centre 17th November 2018
All details of the finals, including qualifiers/reserves, and a consolidated list of results from the qualifying rounds, is now available at ESSA-schoolswimming.com

Follow the links below for county round details:
Bucks : (See Bucks/Herts event - Click here for details)
Berks : (See Bucks/Herts event - Click here for details)
Hants : (Click here for RESULTS)
Kent : (Click here for details)
Oxon : (Click here for details)
Surrey : (Click here for details)
Sussex : (Click here for RESULTS)

Calling Para Swimmers

If you are a Para swimmer or know of one (i.e. those with a disability) that would like to be considered for entry into a South-East Division team at the national team finals, please could you make your interest known (mailto:southeast@essa-schoolswimming.com). There is no qualifying round for these swimmers and a school does not need to find a complete team – the division will select the best swimmers from across the division from those who have put themselves forward. The team is open age group (11-18yr olds) and are in two points ranges to allow for a wide range of disabilities – further information is available in the conditions for the national event on the ESSA-schoolswimming.com website.
For any swimmers that are interested in being considered, please provide: Name; Contact details (Parent or School); Nature of disability/disability code (if known); 50m times in each stroke (i.e. Freestyle/Back/Breast/Fly).

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Inter-Division Championships 2017-18

The Inter-Divisional Championships for 2017-18 will be held in March 2018 in Crawley. The SE Division team for this event will be selected based on national rankings due to insufficient time to hold a selection event.

South East Division : No event this year.

National : Inter-Divisional Championships will be held on Sat 24th/Sun 25th March 2018 in Crawley (K2)

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Primary Team Championships 2017-18.

National Finals: ESSA National Round will be held on Sat 16th June 2018 at Sheffield,Ponds Forge

South East Finals: SE Division Round - (Results available) will be held on 12th May 2018
Note: This includes the SE-Division gala conditions that apply to ALL SE counties.
Consolidated results from County rounds now available (Includes qualifiers and reserves for the SE Division round)

Follow the links below for county round details:
Bucks : (Results available)
Hants : (Results available)
Kent : (Results available)
Oxon : (Results available)
Surrey : (Results available)
Sussex : (Results available)

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